Blackjacks rules

By on April 7, 2018

Blackjack, like poker, appeared in America in the 19th century on the basis of similar European games. In the casino, it hit the beginning of the 20th century, the game quickly gained popularity, but the maximum burst of popularity, which led the game into the clear leaders of the US gambling market, can be attributed to the 60-70s, when first came out Roger Baldwin’s book “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack “with the optimal strategy, and a little later Edward Thorpe” Beat the Dealer “with information on the calculation of cards and the possibility of gaining the player advantages in the game! The opportunity to beat the casino turned many people’s heads, some managed to make good money (for example, the film “21” is based on real events), but the casino did not remain in vain, because they got new him, not all of which could become plus counters.

Part of the fight with the counters (and the general popularity of the game) was the emergence of various modified rules of the game. For example, they began to play not one but two, six or eight decks at a time. Somewhere allowed, but somewhere forbidden to sarenda, was there or not a check for blackjack and much more. As a result, now you can find several dozen variants of different rules, which can slightly change both the strategy and the expectation of the game. Often such versions of the game give their names, for example, Eurogrand (rules popular in Eurogrand casino –, Vegas, Strip (not stripping, but rules popular in the casino Vegas Strip), Classic, European (one card is dealt without checking for blackjack), Single / Double-Deck, Big 5 (respectively, 1, 2 or 5 decks in the game). Consider all such small varieties, often differing only in some small change, there is no possibility, so see the general rules on the blackjack page. When the game is popular, of course, there are different variations of it. On the basis of blackjack appeared about a dozen different games, rules and strategies which are already quite different from the original. In the name of these games, there is often a “magic” number of 21, because the goal of blackjack and analogs is to score 21 points or the amount closest to it without busting. All such games that can be found in popular online casinos are on this site. In addition, a separate page is dedicated to the bonus rates in the casino. Many establishments offer additional rates in this game, which also change the name of the game, for example, you can find Bonus, HiLo13, High Streak, Perfect Pair, Progressive Blackjack. Usually these rates are not very profitable, nevertheless, in brief we will get acquainted with them.

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